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Value Based Healthcare

Everyone talks about value base healthcare. Few can define it. 
Only one can truly measure it: 

                                         ALLIANCE CARE TECHNOLOGIES

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Blue Surface
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AI Driven Healthcare Transformation

For more than 20 years, key members of the ACT team have worked to develop artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools specifically for healthcare. Today, ACT provides patented AI-based healthcare products and services to clients in both inpatient and outpatient settings to streamline care and make it more efficient. Our advanced technology uses the power of carefully developed, fully tested and approved artificial intelligence tools to address the most pressing issues facing healthcare providers. Put simply, ACT's use of AI improves outcomes while managing costs.


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Patient Centric Connected Care Driving Value Based Healthcare


ACT's unique technologies are tailored to facilitate the physician's ability to improve quality of care through reducing time to diagnose and to raise the standard of care in and out of the clinical environment. We deploy AI based tools that provide improved assessment, optimizing clinical quality, cost efficiencies, and patient engagement and monitoring. ACT creates dynamic solutions customized for the individual and the unique needs of the healthcare partners we serve.


To support and strengthen the optimization of connected care across the continuum of care while driving value-based healthcare.


To be known for the highest quality services and ethical standards, recognized as a significant intellectual resource and respected for breadth of experience and depth of knowledge in all disciplines and functional areas associated with enterprise planning, development, and managed growth.


We are driven by our core values that enable our clients and consultants to CREATE innovative products efficiently and fuel positive bottom-line results.


  • Provider and patient centric focus to deliver sustainable, actionable solutions for our customers.

  • Respect and trust for individuals, cooperation and teamwork. 

  • Expertise and commitment in delivering sound results for our clients.

  • Attention to detail and commitment to rigorous data analysis.

  • Trusted as a partner, mentor, coach, and colleague.

  • Ethical standards, uncompromising integrity.

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