Aircoder is an advanced AI driven system that can automatically code hospital records at up to 10 episodes per second. Aircoder has a dedicated support team of experienced coders to ensure the accuracy of the coded records.

Aircoder works with any coding system or rules set and learns your nuances as it goes, getting better and more accurate the more you feed it.


Karen Zupko & Associates has been advising and educating physicians and healthcare managers for decades about the challenges and trends impacting the practice of medicine. Her pragmatic, engaging, and action-oriented style inspires people to apply common sense and business rigor to improve profitability, efficiency, and the patient experience.


ACT offers a consortium of healthcare, business research, and business planning. With a deep background serving physicians and allied healthcare providers, Physicians News Network provides branded contract publishing services for government, regulators, hospitals, physician groups, corporations and NGOs.

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