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Building Patient - Physician Collaboration 

800 Condition Specific

Patient Interviews

Catalyst is an online solution offered by Alliance Care Technologies that administers a condition/symptom specific questionnaire to the patient prior to the appointment. Information collected includes demographic data, medical history, review of body systems, health status, and history of current illness. Patented work-up algorithms provide physicians with a differential diagnosis as clinical support before the patient comes to the office. Information collected is integrated into the patient’s record ready for coding and billing. Catalyst offers over 800 condition questionnaires that are adaptable to each patient's age and gender. Physicians preview the clinical information provided by the patient which is converted into easy-to-review prose prior to the visit. The patient input can be integrated into the EMR. Physicians can focus in on the patient’s ailments and reduce the time to diagnosis and treatment.


Enabling the patient to enter the data necessary to populate the subjective portion of the medical record makes the physician’s time spent in the encounter more efficient, enhances communication, and makes the patient's time spent at the office more efficient. Both the patient and the doctor are focused on the health concerns presented at the start of the encounter.


Catalyst was created 20 years ago, through the clinical expertise and vision of our Chief Medical Officers Dr. Jim Blasingame and Dr. Bill Mohlenbrock. They have brought their vast clinical experience in orthopedics and passion for clinical excellence to create patient centric care that fosters patient-physician collaboration.

Standalone COVID-19 patient

screening interview


Medical institutions around the world are increasingly implementing online telehealth tools to efficiently meet the needs of their patients. Alliance Care Technologies team has been creating and refining the use of online condition/symptom specific questionnaires for the past two decades. A COVID-19 questionnaire has been added to the Clearview Triage solution. As knowledge about COVID-19 evolves, the questionnaire is continuously updated.

The COVID-19 solution is being offered as a standalone patient questionnaire that can be plugged into a medical organization’s website, appointment request form, or it can be fully integrated into the EHR via the full Clearview Triage solution. Patients can be directed to the medical center’s website or patient portal to complete the questionnaire rather than tying up phone lines. Data collected includes demographic, medical history, review of body systems, health status, and history of current illness. Medical staff can review the output and prioritize patients based on symptoms, chronic conditions and severity of illness in a fraction of the time compared to individual telephone triage. Additionally, Physicians can utilize the output to prioritize testing decisions.


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