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Sectra’s KLAS-awarded PACS is praised by users around the world for its ease of use, for being rock-solid, and for allowing radiologists to perform the vast majority of their workload from a single application. A modular system optimized for use in mission-critical environments, it can be scaled to fit the needs of any healthcare enterprise. Sectra PACS, together with any RIS, gives you efficient radiology workflows as well as efficient communication within the radiology department and with referring physicians.

Sectra PACS integrates well with any RIS and EMR. In Scandinavia, the UK, and Benelux, Sectra offers its own RIS. In other markets, Sectra PACS integrates tightly with local RIS or EMR providers to provide efficient and seamless image acquisition and diagnostics. The workflows described below are achieved either through these integrations or with our own portfolio.

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The information you need, when you need it

Finding the right information is easy in Sectra’s diagnostic application. Thanks to dynamic and static worklists, based on sub-specialty and priority, for example, you find the most relevant case to work on fast.


Once a case is chosen, you get an immediate overview of both current and previous requests and images. With enterprise worklist functionality, system-to-system integrations, and web content plug-ins, you always have instant access to all images and data created along the patient’s pathway. What’s more, Sectra PACS is completely modality- and vendor-neutral, letting you view any type of image in that single application.

The tools to meet your everyday needs in a single application

Reducing the need to open external applications or even switch workstations to perform the reporting is critical for achieving efficient workflows. It also lets radiologists document their findings in direct connection with the image review—with no extra mouse clicks.


In Sectra PACS, you get instant access to all the tools needed for both reviewing studies and documenting reports—including intelligent display protocols, 3D rendering, clinical applications, embedded speech recognition, rich reporting functionality, and structured reporting templates.


Continuous upgrades also make sure you can access the latest tools and developments throughout the lifetime of your Sectra solution.

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In symbiosis with surrounding IT systems

Based on open architecture, Sectra PACS can integrate with many different IT support systems such as RIS and EMR, dictation systems, and systems for monitoring and management.


Sectra enables your radiology solution to exist in symbiosis with your other IT systems. We have a proven ability to implement integrations on various levels for varying needs: system-to-system, enterprise-to-enterprise, a wide range of applications, web service integrations, as well as patient service integrations.


Sectra PACS and RIS support established standards within healthcare, such as DICOM and HL7, as well as conforming to the IHE initiative.

A rock-solid solution

Sectra’s radiology offering is designed for high-production environments where system availability is key. We have a proven track record of maintaining extremely high system uptimes during regular operations and upgrades, as well as disasters.

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