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Enterprise Imaging for

Digital Pathology

The ongoing digitization of pathology is a transformative change that offers new opportunities to increase efficiency, especially in cancer care, where over 90% of all tumors are confirmed by pathologists. With this in mind, many healthcare organizations are beginning to use digital pathology technology for primary diagnostic work and not only research. As the DICOM standard for pathology becomes increasingly widespread, many health providers are now seeking ways to efficiently adopt digital pathology.


The most efficient way to digitize pathology in a manner aligned with your current imaging strategy is to incorporate it into the enterprise imaging (EI) solution, instead of creating yet another departmental IT system. When it comes to selecting digital pathology software, CIOs face a challenge since only a few EI solutions have proven (as of yet) to meet the tough performance demands of viewing and storing whole slide imaging (WSI) in a full clinical production environment.


This article will provide six areas of guidance in selecting and evaluating a solution that will allow you to reap the full benefits of digital pathology by adding this discipline to your EI solution.

Six areas to look into when digitizing pathology.

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