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Medical Value Solutions provides advanced, patented technology to reduce the cost of healthcare delivery, improve clinical outcomes, and document hospital performance improvements. MVS’s suite of interlinked service offerings provides leaders and clinicians alike with advanced tools to measure, modify, and maintain improved clinical outcomes, reduced clinical costs, and enhanced patient satisfaction.

For hospital leadership, MVS provides an invaluable metric for senior managers overseeing hospital operations, members of the board of directors, and regulators. MVS provides key data for quantifying and marketing quality and excellence to patients both locally and globally, leading to more efficient and higher value health services.


Designed for decision-makers, mv/DISCOVER takes senior management inside healthcare value by providing them insights on what value means for patients and providers. Gain insight on how data existing within the hospital or outpatient clinical setting is harnessed to measure healthcare value. Learn how clinicians can modify practice patterns to improve outcomes and reduce costs and explore how an institution’s mv/INDEX score provides regulatory bodies and prospective patients quantified, objective means of assessing care in a competitive setting where hospitals often vie for patients, be they domestic or foreign.


Healthcare value is measured through collected patient data. The ability to demonstrate each patient’s severity of illness depends on the accuracy of their co-morbidity descriptions. The descriptions are dependent on physicians’ precise diagnostic documentation, which is optimized by MVS technologies. mv/DOCUMENTATION is an audit of documentation accuracy utilizing the patented Acuity Index Method (AIM) to risk adjust a provider’s previous cases, followed by training to illustrate for providers the criticality of thorough and accurate documentation in optimizing quality, value, and patient satisfaction. 


A data assessment tool that quantifies historical quality and cost performance at hospital, specialty, and individual provider-patient procedure levels through the clinical application of MVS's AI-based technology. Using three years of a hospital’s risk-adjusted clinical data, MVS identifies opportunities to create on average an annual 30% savings on clinical operations while simultaneously improving patient outcomes and satisfaction. MVS provides quantified custom reports based on actual past performance to guide actionable improvements for Administrators, Department Chairs, and Individual Providers.


Clinical variation results in poor outcomes and higher costs. The application of MVS's mv/CLINICAL patented AI technology and related services directly addresses clinical variation using hospital and individual physicians' clinical data to continuously improve quality and cost efficiencies. At the heart of value-based healthcare, mv/CLINICAL - in combination with MVS allied services - will drive down costs while improving outcomes.


Evaluate and report the continuous improvements of inpatient outcomes twice annually to support: internal monitoring of ongoing reduction in variation (RIV) efforts; annual physician productivity/evaluations; and regulatory filing and public reporting via marketing communications.


An invaluable tool to demonstrate a hospital’s commitment to the highest value healthcare, the mv/INDEX communicates to the international patient community a valuable, independent third-party measure of the actual value a hospital delivers to patients. The Index of Medical Value combines each physician’s contributions to the hospital’s major metrics of clinical and financial outcomes of quality to create The International Standard of Healthcare Value: the mv/INDEX. Internally, mv/INDEX provides staff at all levels with a clear measure of the ongoing impact of their combined efforts to provide the highest value care to all patients. For hospital leaders, the mv/INDEX provides an invaluable metric for senior managers overseeing hospital operations, members of the board of directors, investors, and regulators. It also provides key data for marketing quality and excellence to patients locally and globally. 

For hospital leadership, the MVS provides an invaluable metric for senior managers overseeing hospital operations, members of the board of directors, investors, and regulators.

Deliver value for every patient, deliver savings to your bottom line. 

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