Patient Triage


Catalyst consists of patented work-up algorithms that provide physicians with a differential diagnosis as clinical support through online condition-specific questionnaires prior to the appointment. Information collected includes demographic data, medical history, review of body systems, health status, and history of current illness. This comprehensive solution allows you to deliver higher quality care and will save time at the office, meaning you can see more patients.

Engaged Patients



Thrive! is an enterprise platform that collects and processes relevant data to improve the health care experience, influence behaviors, and drive outcomes for patients.

This solution enables physicians to address a broad spectrum of desired health behaviors, from health promotion and wellness to prevention and condition management.

Remote Patient Monitoring


PT Genie is an innovative solution that allows for remote physiotherapy and revolutionizes home exercise programs by enabling healthcare providers to monitor the progress of patients' physical therapy protocol through wearable devices. Access your patients' data through an intuitive reporting application to view compliance and functional improvement and to fine tune treatment to provide the most optimal care.