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Fast Recovery

Enhanced Home Exercise Program.

PT Genie enables physical therapists to stay within reach of patients and ensure a more positive recovery. This easy to use system acts as a virtual coach and results tracker.



In the clinic or on the go, PT Genie keeps patients connected with their providers to drive better results.

Physical therapy is a critical aspect of orthopedic care, injury recovery, and chronic pain care. Studies overwhelmingly show that patients recover faster and with less pain when PT protocols and home exercise plans are followed. Unfortunately, even the most compliant patients often do not fully comply the recommended PT plan, delaying their recovery. Faster, more consistent results for patients means more opportunities for new patients for the practice.

Enhancing Patient Satisfaction

PT Genie connects you to your patients daily. Studies show 87% patient compliance with PT Genie compared to 20% with traditional physiotherapy. Using PT Genie gives your patients daily motivation to do their physical therapy exercises.

Accelerating Recovery

PT Genie inspires daily movement – resulting in a 60% faster recovery time with a 50% reduction in pain combined with a 70% increase in patient satisfaction.

Documenting Outcomes

PT Genie eliminates the need for manual documentation by providing automated, instant, and accurate feedback on range of motion exercises and real-time updates on patient progress. Professional reports document patient engagement and improvement, which can be easily exported into multiple billing systems.

New Ancillary PT Revenue

PT Genie can help physical therapy practices capture significant additional revenue through billing for remote patient monitoring, remote physiotherapy, and equipment rental.

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Front facing camera and AI-based sensing monitors and evaluates patient's in their home exercise program.

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Motion sensors track progress


Physiotherapists instruct patients to use the PT Genie system. There are two parts to the system: three sensors that track range of motion and a tablet with an app that provides an individualized home exercise program and records the data. Patients receive help and feedback along the way.

The exercises used in PT Genie programs were created by the best orthopedists and physiotherapists in the industry. Many of them served on the medical staffs of several national sports teams.

The system is easy to use:

  • Small sensors easily attach to either side of the injured joint and chest

  • Instructions on the tablet’s app guide the exercise protocol

Easy to follow virtual avatar demonstrates the exercises for the patient

Patient dashboard shows progress and provides motivation through the exercise program.

Patients can track daily and weekly progress through a personal dashboard. It records pain level, range of motion, and overall compliance with the home exercise program.


The healthcare provider dashboard provides instant access to patient records for real-time monitoring and assistance when needed.

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