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Alliance Care Technologies has teamed up with American Board Certified Radiologist Consultants to provide comprehensive readings, reporting and consultations in all subspecialities. Whether your organization needs to extend its workforce; has periodic requirements to manage episodic surges in demand; requires second opinions; or extension of expertise in rare cases, Alliance Care Technologies has you covered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Teleradiology improves patient care by allowing radiologists to provide their expertise without being present with the patient. This is particularly important when radiologist specialists (e.g. MRI radiologists, pediatric radiologists, neuro-radiologists) are needed, since these professionals are generally only located in large well-established areas working during day time hours.

Teleradiology can be a means through which medical professionals can collaborate when they are not otherwise reachable to each other (e.g. they are in remote locations). This can be an effective input for diagnosis and symptom control as it often helps with obtaining a second professional opinion.

Diagnostic Assistance and Training

Our network of American Board Certified Consultants are available provide remote education and diagnostic assistance to meet your organization's needs. We offer CME/CNE courses and custom designed courses. Please contact with specific inquiries. 


100% American Board Certified  Radiologists, Pathologists, and Physician Consultants.


24/7 at your service whether it is all day everyday, sporadically, or once in a great while. We are your reliable care delivery expansion team.


Cost effective resource management  when you need it in every diagnostic area


Our Sectra virtual neutral access platform seamlessly connects with your  EHR/PACS/RIS.

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