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Automated Coding



Aircoder is an advanced AI driven system that can automatically code hospital records at up to 10 episodes per second. In other words, a process that used to take hours of time and highly specialized labor can now be completed almost instantly. Aircoder has a dedicated support team of experienced coders to ensure the accuracy of the coded records.

Aircoder works with any coding system or rules set and learns your nuances as it goes, getting better and more accurate the more you use it.

Symptom-based Syndromic Surveillance 

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COVID-19 caught the world off guard. Syndromic surveillance systems are not new, but there are two common barriers to early detection of a new infectious disease outbreak. First, existing syndromic surveillance systems are operated in silos: Each hospital has its own monitoring, but does not share at the community, regional, national, or international level. Second, current systems rely on diagnoses, but Crossflo moves pathogen identification upstream through pattern recognition of symptoms. 

Value-based Healthcare Improvement

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Medical Value Solutions provides advanced patented technology to reduce the cost of healthcare delivery, improve clinical outcomes, and document hospital performance improvements.

MVS’s suite of interlinked service offerings provides leaders and clinicians alike with advanced tools to measure, modify, and maintain improved clinical outcomes, reduce clinical costs, and enhance patient satisfaction.

MVS enables hospitals, departments, and physicians rise to achieve ever new heights of quality and efficiency. Comparative analysis enables regional, national, and international ratings.

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