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Alliance Care Technologies has its roots in many visionary medical solutions designed over the last 36 years, to improve the delivery of value-based healthcare through algorithm based smart tools. We have built an allied team of independent tools and aggregated them to optimize care. We enable patient-physician collaboration and monitoring to enhance quality and efficiency of care across the entire continuum of care. Alliance Care Technologies aggregates AI based tools in the areas of patient engagement, patient screening, remote physiotherapy and monitoring, mammography screening, practice management, and standardization of care.


Alliance Care Technologies expanded its operations in Dubai in 2019. Alliance Care Technologies was drawn to Dubai by a shared vision of driving healthcare innovation toward universal access to healthcare globally through intuitively integrated solutions based on AI, IoT, automation, and telehealth.


Alliance Care Technologies serves the following healthcare markets: Clinical Practice Care, Ambulatory Care, In-patient Care, Radiology, Telemedicine, Pain Management, Physical Therapy, and Pain Management.


Alliance Care Technologies team is made up of physicians, technologists, and medical administrators who are passionate and dedicated to optimizing healthcare across the continuum and around the world. We look forward to serving you and your patients.

Value Based Healthcare

Everyone talks about value base healthcare Few can define it. 
Only one can truly measure it: 

                                         ALLIANCE CARE TECHNOLOGIES.

ACT recognizes that today, improving the value equation is the objective of every healthcare provider. Defining value as quality plus cost, ACT brings sophisticated, proven clinical tools to improve quality, reduce clinical variations, reduce costs, and improve patient satisfaction.


Working through its affiliate company, Medical Value Solutions, ACT delivers to hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, and other clinical service providers patented clinical tools and methodologies to measure and track value, and most importantly, to improve the healthcare value delivered to patients, improving outcomes while reducing overall healthcare costs. 


When it comes to healthcare, no one delivers value like Alliance Care Technologies. 



Artificial Intelligence

For more than 20 years, key members of the ACT team have worked to develop artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools specifically for healthcare. Today, ACT provides patented AI-based healthcare products and services to clients in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Our advanced technology brings the power of carefully developed, fully tested and approved artificial intelligence tools to the most pressing issues facing healthcare providers: improving outcomes while managing costs.



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