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Alliance Care Technologies Value-based, AI Driven,
Healthcare Solutions

What we do:

ACT develops inhouse solutions and works with select partners to aggregate expertise and integrate products into powerful, value-added solutions in the areas of:

  • Early Pathogen Recognition

  • Value-based Healthcare

  • Patient Engagement

  • Physical Support Solutions

  • Tele-Diagnostics & AI Decision Support

Early Pathogen Recognition

Catalyst S4 - Symptom-based Syndromic Surveillance - ACT’s S4 is a unique, symptom-based syndromic surveillance system that identifies dangerous pathogens at the pre-pandemic stage.

S4 uses artificial intelligence to compare patient symptoms to predefined patterns of pathogens of interest. S4 increases the likelihood that Pandemic and Bioterrorism Pathogens and other infectious diseases are identified pre-diagnosis. This saves critical time for public health professionals to intervene and prevent the spread of dangerous infectious diseases.

Value-based Healthcare Management

Catalyst Clinical Value Solutions - These clinical solutions optimize value-based health care. Catalyst Value's technology solutions utilize a dashboard system to present hospital data at the physician, department and leadership levels. Value Solutions analize performance and improves efficiencies and patient outcomes.

Patient Engagement

Catalyst Engage & Catalyst Triage - ACT offers a suite of online solutions that enable patients to self-administer a condition/symptom specific questionnaire prior to meeting with a healthcare provider. The Engage & Triage solutions enhance patient/physician communications, and makes the time spent in the doctor's office productive and efficient.

  • Catalyst Engage - promotes patient engagement, chronic condition management, and remote patient monitoring

  • Catalyst Triage - online condition/symptom questionnaires utilizing proprietary workup algorithms that provide a differential diagnosis and populates the chart note in medical prose.


Remote Physiotherapy  - Our solutions are designed for patient assessment of physical fitness and remote patient monitoring of physiotherapy. The provider-friendly platform utilizes 2D and 3D motion capture tools to engage patients in their own physical therapy and improve outcomes. Remote physiotherapy allows practitioners to monitor musculoskeletal improvements, assist with orthopedic assessment and recovery, predict likelihood of injury and support injury prevention. 3D assessment supports work and sports readiness and helps prevent injuries.

Physician Support Solutions

Catalyst Encounter - Catalyst Encounter is designed for a physician entry platform that collects all data in a structured manner, completes all documentation and auto coding, and audits documentation completeness for coding based on the physician’s assigned diagnosis.

Aircoder - Automated Coding System: ACT partners with Aircoder to provide an AI driven coding system that automatically codes to multiple coding sets. Aircoder is revolutionizing how hospitals and clinics identify and apply accurate codes for billing and diagnostic purposes, saving critical time and money while increasing accuracy.

Tele-Diagnostics & AI Decision Support

Radiology/Digital Pathology Platforms - ACT’s digital pathology solutions  utilize AI algorithms to assist in diagnosis and alleviate gaps in capacity and access. We work with Sectra Medical imaging: 

  • Transmit electronic images and reports

  • Remotely access medical information for teleradiology

  • Integrate with other medical automation systems like Hospital Information System (HIS), Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and Radiology Information System (RIS)

  • Manage workflow of patient exams and maintain secure database of patient images and information


Teleradiology Solutions - ACT’s teleradiology solutions improve patient care by expanding global access to radiologist specialists. Our American Board Certified Radiologist Consultants provide comprehensive readings, reporting and consultations in all subspecialities. ACT Teleradiology Solutions supplements limited workforces, meeting requirements to manage episodic demand surges, provide required second opinions, and provide access to global expertise in rare medical cases.

Earl Pathogen Recognition
Value-ase Healthcare Mangement
Physical Suport Solutions
Patient Centric
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