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Alliance Care Technologies unveil AI-driven health and wellbeing assessment platform at GITEX Global 2023

The centrepiece of this showcase is a one-stop health and wellbeing assessment centre that combines lot and Al with digital health technologies to provide comprehensive health evaluation for individuals across the lifespan, offering an enhanced experience for both workers and patients. The centre will revolutionise the way health risks are assessed and managed for individuals through state-of-the-art preventative and early detection technologies:

1   Al Leveraging Retinal Eye scans: A breakthrough technology that employs retinal scans to assess potential diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, retinopathies related to cardiovascular and blood vessel disorders and aged relate macular degeneration. With the capability to detect and monitor these illnesses in early stages, this will enable healthcare professionals to provide timely intervention and reduce risk of loss of vision, heart attacks and strokes.

2   3D Physical Assessment: Leveraging Al and advanced 3D Lidar Sensors, a series of simple physical movements enables the detection of any risk of musculoskeletal injury in less than five minutes. This technology is widely used by professional athletic leagues around the world including: Premier League, La Liga, PGA, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA and US Olympic Committee There is a specific set of movement patterns designed to identify musculoskeletal limitations in seniors to gauge risk of fall and independent living. Through early detection injuries can be prevented by providing exercises and training to mitigate risks.

3   Cognitive Health Assessment: Through annual evaluation of cognitive function in adults starting at age 40, physicians can detect changes at onset and provide early intervention to reverse, stop or slow decline. This game like assessment technology empowers healthcare providers with valuable insights to create personalised & early care plans and interventions.

Alliance Care Technologies' showcase at GITEX 2023 is emphasizing on the commitment to technological advancement in improving patient outcomes and efficiency in the delivery of healthcare.

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