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Dr. Aaron Han, Chief Medical Office Keynote Speaker at PrecisionMed Conference

Dr. Aaron Han, Chief Medical Office
Keynote Speaker at PrecisionMed Conference
Alliance Care Technologies Chief Medical Officer Dr. Aaron Han, MD, PhD Shares Insights at PrecisionMed Conference 2022

Alliance Care Technologies’ Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Aaron Han, MD, PhD, will be sharing his insights on the future of healthcare within the Gulf Cooperative at this year’s PrecisionMed Exhibition & Summit, in Dubai on 24-25 May. Dr. Aaron Han will join leading experts and thought leaders discussing new developments in the area of precision medical technologies.

Presenting on PMES Mainstage on Wednesday 25 May at 1:45 pm, Dr. Han’s presentation will focus on “COVID-19: Lessons Learned from Precision Medicine and Hematology”.

According to Michele Tarnow, CEO of Alliance Care Technologies “ACT is privileged to have Dr. Han as our Chief Medical Officer. We are excited to join Dr. Han at the PrecisionMed Summit and look forward to learning more about how Catalyst S4 Solution enhances recent developments in targeted, precision medicine that will have a critical impact on the future of healthcare in this region and beyond.”

About Aaron Han, MD, PhD:
Aaron Han, MD, PhD, is a Consultant Pathologist with a special interest in hematology and coagulation disorders. An MD and PhD from Baylor College of Medicine, Dr Aaron is American Board Certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology and holds a special qualification in Hematology. He holds a joint faculty appointment at Mohammed bin Rashid University School of Medicine. Dr. Han is the Group Chair of Pathology for King’s College of London Middle East.

Dr. Aaron has served decades of USA and Middle East clinical and educational leadership experience. He is a sought-after speaker. Dr. Aaron is a passionate visionary leader driving medical informatics innovation, quality, and growing leaders. Mentor and board member. Dr Han cares about people, process, policy, and tech platforms.

About PrecisionMed Summit:
PrecisionMed Exhibition & Summit, in Dubai on 24-25 May provides a unique opportunity for healthcare providers, academic scientists and industry experts in this ecosystem to share knowledge and make connections.
Precision medicine describes the evolving world of personalised medicine and including the use of biomarkers, targeted therapies and the integration of patient health data to translate scientific advances into human health.
Personalised solutions have gained wide traction in genomics & targeted cancer therapies; and regenerative medicine, and now include a wide range of diagnostics and treatments for both rare and common diseases.
For more information about the Summit and to register to attend, please visit:

About Alliance Care Technologies
Alliance Care Technologies International (ACTI) is driven by a mission to provide global access to quality healthcare. At Alliance Care Technologies International, we believe global health is improved when physicians, patients, researchers and entrepreneurs work together to improve quality and efficiency across the continuum of healthcare.
Alliance Care Technologies develops and deploys advanced technology and artificial intelligence solutions that solve today's most pressing healthcare challenges. We work with industry leaders to design individualized solutions that enhance the patient experience, streamline administrative processes, manage costs, and ultimately, improve healthcare outcomes.

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